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Market Development Consulting Services

European Market Link helps U.S. companies to enter or expand their business in Europe with country and market research, strategy, partner searches, contract sales, training and more.


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Market Research, read more...European country and local language market research tailored to the client’s needs and budget.

Methodology & Tools
We use best-practice methodologies to understand your needs then to tailor and focus our market research into easy steps. European Market Link collects local language information and offers ‘feet on the ground’ to talk to potential customers, distributors, industry and government experts in their language.  All our reports are presented in English through a video conference with links to original data and comparisons to US business practices.

Sample studies:

Europe Country Comparison
This package is the perfect training and insight for a new international manager, OR one trying to choose the right country to start selling, incorporate in, manufacture in or distribute from.  It’s provided in a presentation form packed with charts, tables, graphs and statistics; including country population, economy size, labor cost, labor flexibility, tax differences, energy costs, transportation, corruption, culture and more.  It is updated and customized for each client’s specific needs, and may include client market data.   The price is based on customization needs and is usually $2000 – 4000, taking 2-3 weeks to prepare.  It’s normally presented in a web or face-face meeting for verbal examples and questions.  Read more…

Quick Assessment
Customized for each client, the Quick Assessment takes a quick look at high level European or European Union (EU) market data and key business drivers, specific to your business needs — such as local prices, competitors or regulations.  We throw-in a general overview of Europe and thoughts on where to start and what to do next.  This is a great first step and typically takes 2-3 weeks, costing only $1500-4000.

Rapid Market Assessment (RMA)

Rapid Market Assessment is a feasibility study and includes or follows items in the Quick Assessment. The RMA combines internet searches (secondary market research) with calls, or visits (primary market research) to gather broader qualitative information about competitors, value chains, country processes, etc.  The RMA report offers initial thinking and results in a first look at most business plan elements.  Prices vary depending on the depth of the search, number of country, travel and such but is normally around $3,500-12,000, taking 4-12 weeks.

Distributor, Representative or Customer Searches
This research starts by defining your ideal distributor, rep or customer.  We generate an initial list by searching various sources, documenting their fit to your criteria.  Next, we dig deeper into business and market information, use phone calls and (if desired) visits to prioritize candidates.  We can also support your distributor material development and training.  Prices and time vary depending on your screening criteria, number of distributors needed and the extent of our and your involvement.  Typical projects vary from $2,000-20,000.  Unlike many firms, we do NOT ask for a commission in addition to the project fee.


The Market Research Process:

MarketResearch / Analysis

Strategy, read more...Best practices, processes and methodologies to create your European market development strategies and plans.

Methodology & Tools
We use best-practice strategy and planning tools from Fortune 100 companies. We customize the process for your business and with an understanding of US & Europe business and cultural differences.

For Example:  The Mind Meld (Initial Thoughts on Europe)

A half-day session where we present Europe and you present your business, then together, we discuss initial strategy ideas and the next step.  This is a great place to start and is often combined with one of the market research projects mentioned above.

Other sample requests

  • First export strategy and plan
  • Expansion plan for Europe
  • Distribution strategy redesign due to EU changes
  • Strategy to qualify European leads for direct export
  • Plan for office locations and European organization
  • Marketing and market communication plans


Example of evolving strategies:

Strategy & Planning

Implementation, read more...European Market Link goes beyond strategy to help you implement your plans with our local 'feet on the ground'.

Methodology & Tools
European Market Link’s local ‘feet on the ground’ help you implement your strategies in Europe. Experienced technical sales, marketing and linguists are ready to help you achieve your goals.  We provide contract sales or “door opening”, rep / distributor searches (see the below process), and international training.


Sales Materials & Marketing
We help you to simplify the sales process and formulate your go-to-market strategy.  We translate and suggest sales material adjustments for the local market, while creating training materials and simplified selling process.      


Contract Sales
Let European Market Link’s team become your team in the EU and Europe with part-time flexible technical sales to fit your needs and budget.  You estimate the level of sales, marketing or support services that you need per month, and in which countries.  We provide the actual resources needed and track time spent.  We send you monthly reports and give quarterly reviews.  We can change types and locations of resources to meet your changing needs.  You pay only for what the services you receive.  There is no long-term commitment so you can replace us with your local employees any time you like.  Simple, flexible and fair.


Rep or Distributor Finder Process Methodology
This research starts by defining your ideal distributor, rep or customer.  We generate an initial list by searching various sources, documenting their fit to your criteria.  Next, we use further internet searches, phone calls and (if desired) visits to prioritize candidates.  We can then become involved with your distributor network as little or as much as you like.  Prices and time vary depending on your screening criteria, number of distributors needed and the extent of our and your involvement, but you can estimate $500-5000/distributor.  Unlike many firms, we do NOT ask for a commission on top.


Training & Coaching, read more...European Market Link offers training and coaching on international market development, sales and communication skills.

Methodology & Tools
Our training and support activities focus on helping technical business people organize, communicate, and sell their ideas internationally.  We assemble our training models into custom training workshops for new employees, international teams and executives.  Our workshop are action-oriented, as we alternate short theory sessions with examples, workshops and practice to help attendees absorb and digest theory while applying it to your specific existing business situations.

Examples of our Training 





Training to grow your market in Europe

Presentation courses, seminars, workshops & coaching in Switzerland



European Market Link consultants provide market research, strategy, distributor searches, training & ongoing support using a unique structure of local technical ‘feet on the ground’ professionals covering the European Union & Europe.