Personality, culture & leadership: International leadership training – CUSTOM COURSE

  • Cross-cultural & intercultural training

Personality, culture & leadership: International leadership training – CUSTOM COURSE

  • Group Size: Private to large group
  • Length: You decide
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This is an intense PRACTICAL international leadership training workshop. It focused on people skills to manage diverse personalities and cultures across different countries or regions. (Content is tailored to your specific intercultural leadership situation.)

Leaders learn to recognize their own personality and cultural values and styles, and those of others. We start by exploring business cases where culture differences caused huge problems, and where they’re leveraged for fantastic successes. Using action-oriented exercises and human graphs, attendees identify their personality and cultural values, while getting to know the values of others. Leaders use our Cultural Insight Framework to link cultural business values to indicators, and business practices. Throughout the workshop, they apply these tools to business situations, like managing other regions and international teams. This course digs into specific national business culture issues that routinely cause problems and offer solutions.

This workshop brings together international and cultural leadership research, case studies, and the trainer’s 20+ years of international management and growth experience in 50+ countries. It provides a critical framework for diagnosing new business situations and cultures, and best practices for managing people and businesses. Workshop attendees emerge with tools to recognize, connect, and benefit from international culture in business.

This course is available in English.


Who should attend this international leadership training workshop:

This course is recommended for international managers and executives: Strategic leaders, team leaders and market developers with employees or businesses across borders, international board members and human resources.


Typical international training workshop topics:

The specific agenda is adjusted to your group’s size, experience, geographic make-up, and business needs. Here’s a sample of our topics:

  • Culture’s impact on business – Diversity creates problems and solutions
  • Personality assessment and dealing with difficult people
  • Our Cultural Insight Framework – Values/priorities, practices and indicators
  • Focus on communication styles and other business practices
  • Focus on leadership styles – Giving and receiving direction, decision making
  • Useful generalizations and tips for key countries or regions (without stereotyping).
  • Best practices for international and virtual teams
  • Conflict resolution – Overcoming and benefiting from differences
  • 3 models and 3 tools to avoid burn-out

IMPORTANT:  Our approach uses short theory sessions coupled with examples, case studies, and real business problems to solve. This workshop builds international leadership skills and motivates teamwork.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.


What makes this leadership workshop different:

  • The course is high-energy, action-oriented. Attendees learn with real examples and by doing.
  • Designed specifically for international technical, industrial, and business leaders.
  • The trainer has over 20 years of international business management experience at DuPont (in technology, sales/marketing, then business management roles P/L $150,000,000), plus a masters in cross-cultural communications.
  • Facilitator has an easy-to-understand neutral English accent. (More about your trainer.)

Course participants leave the workshop feeling more confident and excited to work internationally.

This training is available for groups or individuals.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Cross-cultural (intercultural) training is available in English and throughout western Switzerland, including Geneva, Lausanne, Vevey, Montreux, Sion, Fribourg, Thun, Bern, Biel, Zurich, Basel and surrounding areas.



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