Public Speaking Skills Training – Course Calendar

  • Public Speaking Skills Training – Course Calendar

    If you want to improve your public speaking skills, you’ve come to the right place. You learn by doing with video feedback and individual coaching in a small comfortable group. Here is a quick summary of our training courses and dates:

    2-Day Presentation and Public Speaking for Business

    This is a comprehensive 2-day workshop. We teach you how to manage your fear, communication rules of thumb, then our step-by-step process to build and deliver great presentations. You will perform several exercises and present 5-6 times with individual video feedback.
    Group size: Up to 4 trainees  LEARN MORE – 2-DAY PRESENTATION TRAINING –>

    Training Course DatesDays of WeekEarly Booking Discount UntilAvailability
    July 11-12, 2023Tuesday-WednesdayJune 1, 2023FULL - no places left
    July 18-19, 2023Tuesday-WednesdayJune 7, 20233 places
    August 29-30, 2023Tuesday-WednesdayJuly 18, 20232 places
    October 24-25, 2023Tuesday-WednesdaySeptember 12, 20234 places
    December 12-13, 2023Tuesday-WednesdayOctober 30, 20234 places
    January 16-17, 2024Tuesday-WednesdayDecember 1, 20234 places
    March 6-7, 2024Wednesday-ThursdayJanuary 26, 20244 places
    April 23-24, 2024Tuesday-WednesdayMarch 8, 20244 places


    1-Day  Presentation and Public Speaking Skills – Practice & Coaching

    This workshop is designed for those who received presentation training and want to boost their speaking skills. You start by presenting, then we alternate theory, exercises and practice for the group’s needs.  You will present 3-4 times and receive private video feedback, exercises, and coaching.
    Group size: Up to 3 trainees  LEARN MORE – 1-DAY SPEAKING SKILLS BOOSTER –>

    Training Course DatesDays of WeekEarly Booking Discount UntilAvailability
    August 7, 2023MondayJune 26, 20233 places
    November 14, 2023TuesdayOctober 3, 20233 places
    February 8, 2024ThursdayDecember 28, 20233 places


    1-Day Media Training Course and Practice

    This workshop is designed to prepare managers representing the company at trade events, on industry panels, or in a crisis. You’ll learn to manage fear and prepare to answer even tough questions with confidence. We will practice interviews and panels.
    Group size: Up to 6 trainees  LEARN MORE – 1 DAY MEDIA TRAINING –>

    Training Course DatesDays of WeekEarly Booking Discount UntilAvailability
    September 4, 2023MondayJuly 24, 20233 places
    November 15, 2023WednesdayOctober 2, 20233 places
    February 9, 2024FridayDecember 29, 20233 places


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