Managing business stress

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Managing business stress

  • Group Size: Private sessions
  • Length: 2 session of 1 hour each (minimum)
  • Price: 99 CHF/hour

Stress and fear can cause brain fog, black-outs, panic-attacks, and team conflicts.  Fortunately, there’s help with effective stress management techniques.

We teach you the latest skills and techniques to manage your stress and anxiety, and support your colleagues.  Using positive and research-based cognitive behavioral and mindfulness tools, you will learn skills to (1) recognize the cause and indicators of stress, (2) understand the psychosomatic processes, then (3) control your mental, physical, and behavioral responses under pressure.  Training can also be provided to help you manage teams in stressful situations.

Techniques are offered privately via net-meeting in 1 hour sessions, with a minimum of 2 sessions recommended.  Training content and time are tailored to the individual and the situation, and may take added sessions.

Training is facilitated by Kelly Griffiths, LLB (Hons), CBH DIP, GQHP, a cognitive behavioral hypnotherapist and former corporate lawyer, who understands the importance of managing work-based stress.

This service is available in English and throughout Europe, via net meeting.

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Business stress and fear

Business stress and fear


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