The Confidence Clinic: Overcome stage fright & build confidence

  • Open-enrollment group courses,
  • Presentations & public speaking training

The Confidence Clinic: Overcome stage fright & build confidence

  • Length: 10 sessions + 1 private with trainer
  • Course format: Self-paced course online
  • Price/person for public course: 650 CHF (325 CHF with waitlist discount)

Stage fright, a job change, and tough business decisions often cause stress, uncertainty, and a blow to our confidence. Fortunately, you can learn tools to manage this anxiety and increase your confidence. In this Confidence Clinic, you’ll learn how to manage your stage fright and build confidence at work using techniques from neuroscience, cognitive behavioural therapy, and sports psychology.

The Confidence Clinic topics:

You will learn how Olympic athletes, military special forces, and CEOs manage their nerves and apply each tool to your public speaking or business situation. Each session contains science-backed theory, examples, practice, Q/A, and homework to grow your confidence between the sessions. Videos and hand-outs are available online, so you can manage your development at your own speed. Below are some of the topics:

  • Neurology and physiology of fear
  • Changing the fear cycle
  • Building confidence before the event
  • Maximising confidence during the event
  • What to do after the event to build confidence going forward
  • Preparing for and responding to the unexpected (and mistakes)
  • Lowering stress when failure isn’t an option
  • Next steps and your ongoing confidence practice

You will emerge from this course with more confidence and the ability to continue your confidence-building journey.

Who should attend the Confidence Clinic:

The Confidence Clinic is for business professionals/leaders, technical experts, sales, or anyone struggling with communication or public speaking confidence. It’s perfect for introverts, those changing jobs, public speakers, and teachers/trainers. Note: This is not therapy, it is a confidence building course for business professionals and leaders.

Course structure, dates and prices:

The Confidence Clinic is structured into 10 virtual sessions, available as videos and handouts online. We recommend 1 sessions/week. Each session includes a short theory explanation, at least 1 new tool and exercise, and confidence-building “homework.”

The course also includes a 1:1 session with the trainer (up to 50 min.), which you can arrange at anytime during the course.

The price is just 650 CHF, but you will receive a 50% discount coupon by signing up for the waitlist now.

This workshop is available in English. Contact us for more information.

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The Confidence Clinic

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