“I worked with Kimberly for several years with great results. Initially we engaged Kimberly to research and recommend a strategy in order to establish sales in European countries. Kimberly then worked with us to properly position our products, create a market presence, and develop the proper message so that we could begin establishing sales for target markets. Our relationship evolved into one where Kimberly then represented our company in a business development role until we had a base of business for expansion. Kimberly approaches her assignment with great energy and enthusiasm. Her knowledge, professionalism, and personal interactions are an asset that will further any company that engages her services." Alan Rowland, VP Sales & Marketing, Crown Plastics Company, Inc.

I've gotten to work with Kim as a result of a referral by The European Chamber of Commerce in Cincinnati. Kim agreed to work with us at Greater Louisville Inc. as the keynote speaker of a seminar called "Strategies for Doing Business in Europe." Kim gave an outstanding presentation and received great reviews from the business community. She has the ability to communicate complex information in an interactive and relevant manner for companies. She was featured in our region's main business newspaper providing insights about the cultural norms of Germany and France. Kim was highly professional, prepared, and very dedicated to building her consulting company. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for an expert on the ground in Europe that has both the knowledge of European business practices and the familiarity of American business needs." Michael Iacovazzi-Pau, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives, GLI, Inc.

"I took a Presentation course with Kimberly. It was with a diverse group of people from different backgrounds. The course was fantastic and has helped me with presentations ever since. In a short space of time everybody on the course had dramatically improved the content, style and structure of their presentations. It was great to feel myself growing in confidence with my enhanced abilities over the duration of the course. Kimberly was great in highlighting cultural sensibilities to be aware, how to prepare before the meeting and how to follow up afterwards to achieve your desired outcome. I would unreservedly recommend Kimberly's courses." Frank Hennessy, Senior Business Consultant, Hennessy Consultants

Kimberly was my presentation trainer for my TEDx talk 8 December 2018. We connected immediately and having never done a talk in front of an audience before, I didn't know how to begin! But she guided me and with exceptional attention to detail, patients and lovely approach to constructive criticism, she helped me feel at ease well before the event. Even though English is not my first language she gave me a huge amount of confidence and before long we had a presentation that I was so proud of. Kimberly has so much enthusiasm and boundless energy which really is so inspiring. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and I know whom to turn to if I do another talk in the future. There is no doubt that I would recommend Kimberly without reservation to any aspiring speakers or anyone who needed a boost of confidence in any challenge!"Dorota Bankowska, Commercial Diver & TEDx Speaker

“Very interesting workshop with useful information and tips with an experienced and charismatic trainer.”Florence Kesteloot, Communications Business Partner, Suez Belgium

Public speaking testimonial 1

Thank you very much for all your great support regarding my presentation yesterday. It went really well. Actually, I felt even more confident than during the rehearsals. And, by going through this training as a team, sharing our vulnerabilities and growing confidence together, it created a powerful bound and trust between us. Thank you again for this great journey, which made me feel happy and proud."Zsolt Pinter, Director of Reporting

Highly recommended. Great value for time and money. It can be very uncomfortable to go to a presentation course, being filmed and critiqued. We were taken through this in a gentle and constructive way. It has been a huge step forward for me.” Bjorn Ivesdal, Product Manager, Swisscom

Fantastic, dynamic, knowledgeable and applicable course! Great facilities and organisation. My team loved this event." Charlie Charlesworth, Owner & CEO, Haute Pursuit Ltd. & SARL

“We worked together with European Market Link to roll-out communications training for our Technical team. The main goal was to train the team on efficient communication and give them sufficient tools to summarize technically complex topics into structured, clear and actionable summaries. The outcome by far exceeded my expectations. Kimberly is a great person, trainer and benefits a lot from her long real life experience in technical positions. She has a very positive attitude and is able to teach and communicate effectively, leading by example this way. I received 100% positive feedback from all participants, especially on the individual mentoring sessions. Looking forward to continue working with Kimberly and European Market Link."Henning Siegert, VP Marketing & Product Development, Berry Global, Inc.

Public speaking testimonial 2

"Kimberly helped me to prepare my first TEDx. With her passion, competence, and lots of patience, she was a key contributor of my presentation and of the success of the event. Not only she helped me brainstorm, prepare, rewrite, and proofread my speech, she also helped me to develop my presence on stage and improve my communication skills. Her professional skills are remarkable, but most of all, I appreciate her human touch and support. Preparing an event like a TEDx can be stressful and it was a pleasure to rely on her for the necessary support. Thank you Kimberly." Giovannibattista Rossi, President, Blue Ice

Public speaking testimonial 3

The structure of the 2 days training was good. I liked the combination of you explaining, then us applying the information directly in a workshop. I found the section on thinking and structuring the content really useful. I also enjoyed the video filming and feedback." Saskia Hinrichs, International Project Mgr., Communications & PR

“Excellent instructor - motivating, elevating, supportive, well-prepared, evidence-based training. I learned a lot in a very short time” Muriel Langenberger, Head of Programs Europe, Jacobs Foundation

I really liked the instructor, lively, dynamic, funny. All the information seemed to be valuable for me. This is the best training that I have been to.” Alexandra Mikhaylik, Commercial Property Sales

“Well structured and relaxed atmosphere to learn something new. I was really nervous going into this because of the video feedback, but this was an excellent tool.” Fred Sumtali, Project Manager

“Thank you very much Kimberly. It was a nice experience and very useful training. This will help us to improve our business communications for sure. Your training is excellent.” Radislav Filipovic, Director of Marketing Division

“Great practical solutions that I can apply easily. Business solutions are not always directly applicable, but these tools are very useful and refreshing approaches.”Andrew Aziz, Communications Manager, ICTSD


At the end of each training course, we request attendees to complete a short survey and provide a few comments about the course. Below are some of the comments.  As these comments may be considered personal, we've omitted the last name and company.  Full references are available upon request.


Rated Instructor as “Outstanding.”
“The course exceeded my expectations”
“I would recommend this course”