Client feedback


Cross-Cultural Training Quotes

“Fantastic, dynamic, knowledgeable and applicable course! Great facilities and organisation. My team loved this event." Charlie (English), Event Management Company Owner

Excellent!! There was so much to learn, and with an excellent experienced instructor. For me, the most important aspect was learning about the underlying cultures and ethics. This really helped me understand why things are the way they are. Thank you." Mark, International Sales Manager

“The course instructor and content were outstanding. I liked the interactive activities, especially those related to time because they really helped to create an understanding of others.” Shannon (Irish), International Business

I enjoyed the interactive activities, it gave the class a better understanding of where they are and the differences that exist. The instructor was very enthusiastic and had great relevant stories and experiences.” Ceritler

“I really liked learning about the different ways people tend to greet each other and the reasoning behind it. The entire course was interesting and valuable. It will be greatly helpful for doing business abroad.” Dawson (U.S.A), Global Business Communications

Very interactive and engaging instructor, with informative information about different countries.”Danielle, marketing manager - Europe

“Very interesting workshop with useful information and tips with an experienced and charismatic trainer.”Florence (Dutch), Market Development Specialist

"Everybody in our company should take this training & team-building session. It really had us talking and learning about each other. Thanks for your energy and guidance." Iris, HR manager

"I have one word to describe your keynote talk: Enlightened. I never realized the impact culture could have on business." Micheal, Corporate HR director

"The team-building workshops were great as they gave us time to discuss our specific company situation." Manu, customer service manager

Presentation Training Quotes

Highly recommended. Great value for time and money. It can be very uncomfortable to go to a presentation course, being filmed and critiqued. We were taken through this in a gentle and constructive way. It has been a huge step forward for me.” Bjorn (Swedish), Chief Technology Officer

“Very involved and engaging workshop. The presentation went well thanks to the excellent preparation we had with you. Thank you very much again for helping to make this happen.”Doris (German), VP Finance

“The structure of the 2 days training was good. I liked the combination of you explaining, then us applying the information directly in a workshop. I found the section on thinking and structuring the content really useful. I also enjoyed the video filming and feedback." Sonja (German), Program Officer

“I like the personalized style of the training. The coach has passion and has adopted a confidence building approach for the trainees.” Yaxuan (Chinese), International Lawyer

I really liked the instructor, lively, dynamic, funny. All the information seemed to be valuable for me. This is the best training that I have been to.” Alexandra (Russian), Commercial Property Sales

“Well structured and relaxed atmosphere to learn something new. I was really nervous going into this because of the video feedback, but this was an excellent tool.” Fred (English), Project Manager

“Thank you very much Kimberly. It was a nice experience and very useful training. This will help us to improve our business communications for sure. Your training is excellent.” Radislan (Bosnian), Director of Marketing

“Great practical solutions that I can apply easily. Business solutions are not always directly applicable, but these tools are very useful and refreshing approaches.”Andrew (Canadian), Communications Manager

Well structured from basic to detailed presentation analysis. Very interesting sessions - particularly good instructor, providing a platform for open communications and positive attitude and fostering team spirit among the participants.” André (German), Financial Director

“I really liked the instant feedback and relevant real world examples. You are pushed and encouraged to improve.” Charlie (English), Company Owner


At the end of each training course, we request attendees to complete a short survey and provide a few comments about the course. Below are some of the comments.  As these comments may be considered personal, we've omitted the last name and company.  Full references are available upon request.


Rated Instructor as “Outstanding.”
“The course exceeded my expectations”
“I would recommend this course”