Cross-cultural & intercultural training for business – CUSTOM COURSE

  • Cross-cultural & intercultural training

Cross-cultural & intercultural training for business – CUSTOM COURSE

  • Group Size: You decide
  • Length: 0.5-3 days
  • Custom Training Price: Contact us

This is a PRACTICAL course designed for those managing international teams, or working virtually across borders, or negotiating with customers or suppliers from other countries.  (Tailored to your team’s activities and countries of interest.)

This course goes beyond business culture tips, providing a deeper look into the value differences that drive variations in business practices and communication styles. Combining research from academia and business, European Market Link’s easy-to-use Culture Insight Framework provides insight across various business situations and cultures. We start with examples of business failures when culture is ignored.  We consider how the brain locks-in culture, and offer a tool to overcome this natural reaction.  Next, our Culture Insight Framework breaks culture into key value dimensions with real world business examples.  You’ll identify the indicators of business values and the learn bridges to address conflicts.  Then, we take this even further working through regions or country differences.  The process provides tips for doing business and a foundation for diagnosing business situations.

This course is provided in English.

The Cultural Insight Framework for Business

Cross-Cultural & Intercultural Training for Business – custom course topics:

The below topics can be covered in 2-3 days depending on the depth and breadth desired.

  • Does culture really affect business?
  • Personality model and exercise
  • Culture Insight Framework – Business culture “value” dimensions, indicators, and the corresponding business practices.
  • Impact of business practices – communication style, management style, giving/receiving direction, planning, meetings, decision making and more.
  • Geographic specifics – Country, language, or regional business differences and tips.
  • Leading virtual teams –
    • Virtual best practices.
    • Turning conflict into innovation.

IMPORTANT:  The topics above are integrated breakout group exercises and case study workshops.  Attendees learn by doing and working with each other.


What makes this Cross-Cultural & Intercultural Training for Business course different:

  • It’s the REAL WORLD. The course is based on culture research, real business needs, and practical business situations.
  • It goes deeper than just etiquette and avoids stereotyping.  The Culture Insight Framework enables you to distinguish cultural differences and respond accordingly.
  • Provided by experienced international business consultant.  Read more…


Who should attend this training workshop:

Who should obtain cross-cultural and intercultural training? Anyone working internationally.  It’s designed to help participants understand needs, convey demands, build relationships and sell internationally.  This includes international buyers, sellers, managers, human resources, strategic leaders, and expats.    If you have an international team, we recommend cross-cultural training and team-building.


Price for corporate groups:

We offer reasonable prices for custom workshops and facilitation at your facility or ours.

Contact us to discuss your specific cross-cultural and intercultural training needs.

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cross-cultural training for international business

Cross-cultural training for international business


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