International cross culture training and team building

Business Training & Team Building

We offer corporate training specifically for technical, business, sales & international professionals to support personal skills development and business growth.  Our training falls in 3 categories –

  1. International Business – Our market development training focuses on the process, skills, information and practical tools needed to be successful in new market development.  Our courses are designed as workshop that enable you to work through your business situation while learning the materials. The expertise and content are designed for technical industrial B2B industries and for global or European market development.
  2. International Culture – These are training and/or team building workshops, which seek to explain business practices variations across borders, while bringing international teams closer.
  3. International Presentations — Great communicators aren’t born, they’re made.  Communication skills are developed by understanding communication theory, then by applying and practicing that theory. European Market Link training offers exactly. Visit for details.


Our courses create real learning by combining short interactive theory sessions with application and practice sessions tailored to your team, your business situations, and even to a specific project that you’re working on. Our courses offer tools and insights into business theory, human nature and international culture. Our approach and expertise are particularly relevant for technical and business professionals and those in an international environment. The instructors have extensive international business experience and are native English speakers.

As our methodology includes extensive practice and sharing, it offers a great team building experience.

All courses are available on a custom basis.


Market Development Training & Strategic Workshops


Europe or Global Market Development Strategy Workshop

Do you want to expand across borders into new countries or revise your international strategy? This is a strategic workshop designed around your business goals.  We can provide data to help you assess new markets, a decision process for country targeting, best practices to develop sales tools, and more. We provide examples, tips and exercises so that you can directly apply our theory to your situation. The material are relevant for technical, industrial B2B or specialty consumer businesses. Read more about our international market development strategy workshop.

Sales Training for New Market Development

Bespoke sales training specifically for new market or products.  Ideal for new employees or teams developing a sales strategy for new territories. Training includes customer targeting, finding and approaching new customers or distributors and adapting sales approach. Course content is developed using our training modules then designed around your business goals and training needs. Materials are ideal for B2B technical, industrial or special consumer markets. Read more about sales training for market development.

Europe Country Comparison Data

Where should I developing my European market? Or where should I put my distribution hub?  This study provides country comparison information, data and best practices to help you answer these questions and many more. It may be tailored to your specific situation and data needs. Read more about our Europe Country Comparison Study.


International Cross Culture Training & Team Building

See PDF with business cross culture situations, training & team building ideas – Cross culture training PDF .


International Cross Culture Training for Business (1 or 2-day course)

This course provides a vital tool kit for working internationally. We start by establishing culture dimensions that cut across all business activities. Group exercises explore culture alternatives to business communications, meetings, sales and more. Finally, we compare business practices by region, with tips and examples to help adjust your style when working across borders. Read more…


Cross Culture Training & Team Building (half-day workshop)

Designed to bring teams closer to each other and their international associates, while developing a critical international skills, this workshop is anything but boring. We introduce the key business culture dimensions through self reflection and group exercises. Teams explore business practice and communication differences in break-out sessions. Finally, country ‘hot points’ are shared during a team cross-teaching exercise. The session may be tailored to certain regions, adapted for groups of all sizes and performed outside.  Read more…


Cross Culture ‘Jolt’ (key note talk for 30-60 minutes)

Want to get your meeting started with a bang?  Our company founder provides a key note talk that gets your international team thinking about how international culture varies, and its affects. The talk is tailored to your situation and needs, and typically involves audience participation.  So whether you are trying to improve internal communications or address issues in geographic expansion, some thinking around international culture may inspire ideas.   Contact us for more details.


International Business Communications Training


Public Speaking & Presentations (personal coaching with video feedback)

It’s all about you…developing your presenting style, and materials that fit your business situation. We help you develop charisma and confidence in business presenting situations. Private coaching is recommended for executives or those with special content needs. Read more on Presentation Training Switzerland website.


Public Speaking & Presentations (2-day course with video feedback)

This course focuses on presentations and public speaking in a business, technical or international environment. We alternate short theory reviews, with examples, presentation practice and other workshops. The course is normally run with 4-6 participants enabling several practice sessions and personal coaching. This course is recommended for anyone wishing to improve their business presentations or those struggling with fear or confidence. Read more about this course on Presentation Training Switzerland website.


Presentations & other Business Communications (2-day course with video feedback)

Business presentations, writing & meetings should convey clear, desired messages to the right audience. This course shows you a simple process that can be applied to all professional communication. Then, we apply and practice the process in the presentations and other forms of business communications. The integrated format efficiently re-enforces the process and shows the power of consistent communications in selling products and ideas. The workshop is limited to 6 participants for personal coaching and presentation practice. The presentation practice sessions include video feedback for self analysis and confidence building. The course is recommended for technical, business, sales or other advancing professionals wishing to enhance their perception in an international environment. Read more about this training course on Presentation Training Switzerland website.






Public Speaking, presentations & culture training courses, seminars, workshops and team building for business.