International cross-cultural (intercultural) training for sales & growth

  • Cross-cultural training,
  • European market development

International cross-cultural (intercultural) training for sales & growth

  • Group Size: 1 - 20
  • Length: 1 day
  • Level: As required
  • Price for group: 4000 CHF/day plus 50 CHF/person*
  • Price for individual (private course): 3000 CHF/day*

This is an intense PRACTICAL training workshop, designed to build relationships and improve communication across borders.  (Content is assembled based on your geographic growth needs.)

Using examples of real sales situations, where miscommunication and misaligned expectations caused lost sales, we set the stage for why we are here today.  While these problems are incredibly common, they’re not our fault, as the brain isn’t designed to identify underlying changes in behavior due to culture.  We then cover the technology behind business culture, using European Market Link’s Culture Insight Framework, tailored to international sales or market developers.  This is taken into everyday situation as we dig deeper into sales practices like communication styles, sales styles, planning meetings, negotiations, and contracts.  Finally, we cover best practices and specific etiquette by region or country.  Attendees are taught to avoid stereotyping, and instead to diagnose the culture values in a sales situation.


Who should attend this cross-cultural (intercultural) training workshop:

Professional and managers involved in international sales, marketing, and buying.  The training is tailored for the group’s existing international experience, geographic differences, and the business needs.


Cross-cultural (intercultural) training workshop topics:

The exact agenda is based on your group’s size, experience, geographic, and business needs.  Here is a sample agenda:

  • Culture’s impact on sales — good and bad.
  • What’s holding us back?  The brain’s reaction to cultural differences.
  • Culture Insight Framework.
    • The range of underlying values.
    • Indicators (the signs) of those values.
    • Business practices that tend to vary as a result of value differences.
  • Compare your culture to the range of possibilities.
  • Focus on business practices with real case studies — communication styles, sales styles, planning, meetings, negotiations, contracts, and more.
  • Best practices and diagnosing cultures.
  • Etiquette — Useful generalizations and tips (based on your needs and without stereotyping).

Contact European Market Link to discuss your specific needs.


What makes this workshop different:

  • The course is high energy, action-oriented.  Attendees learn with real examples and by doing.
  • Designed specifically for international sales professionals and leaders.
  • The trainer has over 20 years of international business and technical experience, plus a masters in cross cultural communications.
  • Courses provided in an easy-to-understand native neutral English accent. (More about your trainer.)

The course participants leave the workshop feeling more confident and excited to work internationally.

* Price includes workshop facilitation at your facility, course booklet and training materials.  VAT, travel, and refreshments are not included (and may not be applicable).

Cross-cultural (intercultural) training is available in English and throughout western Switzerland, including Geneva, Lausanne, Vevey, Montreux, Sion, Fribourg, Thun, Bern, Biel, Zurich, Basel and surrounding areas.




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Cross-cultural (intercultural) training for buyers and sellers

Cross-cultural training for sales


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