European B2B market development training & strategic processes – CUSTOM WORKSHOP

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European B2B market development training & strategic processes – CUSTOM WORKSHOP

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Are you trying to grow in Europe?  Or, perhaps you’ve been successful in some countries and now want to expand into a new part of Europe?  Whether you need a market development strategy, country/market information, or market development skills; we can help.  We offer a broad range of topics for sales, market developers, and leaders; who wish to grow their business in Europe.

Market development is always a race against time, as resources are costly and new markets can take time to conquer.  EML methodologies efficiently prepare your team, so you quickly realize leads and sales, without unnecessary time and cost.  Pulling from a breadth of evidence-based research and experience, we work with you to assemble training agendas that fit your business, geographic goals, and your skill or information needs.  These methodologies are designed for technical-industrial and B2B market development, that require relationship selling.


New Market Development Team
(2-day training)

A Swiss company requested market development training for a newly assembled team of technical experts, who wish to develop the market for a new product in the healthcare industry. Below is a sample workshop:

  • Introduction, including the primary reason that market development fails.
  • Theory and best practices to define the market, stakeholders and specific regional targets.
  • Market research tips and tools to find target companies and roles or integrate into the target community.
  • EML’s 7 step process for B2B market development.  This process takes market developers through the step-by-step process from the buyer’s point of view, so you’re always focused on what they need to purchase your product.  As we go through the process, each step is applied to your market development situation.
  • Integrated into the above, we develop specific communication tools, key messages, sample emails, and trust-building ideas.  This section uses EML’s blackbox method, designed to keep technical and business-minded developers focused on providing the right message, to the right person, to obtain the desired results.
  • Presentation training, follow-up web meetings, or coaching may also be added.


Europe Market Development Strategy Needed
(1/2 to 1-day training, depending on group size and business complexity)

Below is a workshop example used with a US company, who wanted to enter the European market.  They were struggling with entrance questions like where to start and how to connect with customers.  Below is an example of a working session used to develop their initial export strategy.

  • Current state in the US – Using EML’s preparation process, the client shared his situation so that it could be used in the strategic process.
  • Current state in Europe – Based on the preparation calls, EML provided an overview of Europe specific to the client’s European Market Link bridge,training companies to enter and grow their business in Europesituation.  This included market, country, competitive, culture, and other key information for the client’s business.
  • Future state and market development strategy – Working together through EML’s process and planning tools, the client developed his goals and constraints.  Then, we created a practical initial strategy, designed to achieve those goals.  This process was enhanced with evidence-based best practices, rules of thumb, and experience to facilitate fast results.

In the above case, we helped the client for several years to test and implement their strategy.  Through our support, the company gained sales at their target key accounts and throughout Europe.


New US Sales Team relocated to sell in Europe
(2 half-days of training for a team of 4, longer for bigger groups)

A US company requested training for a team of experienced American market developers, who just moved to Europe.  They already have a sales/marketing strategy, but they needed to know how to adapt their approach to Europe.  Below was the proposed workshop:

  • Introduction using case studies of successes and failures.
  • US-Europe structural comparison:  Practical data and resources comparing European to the US.
  • Trust and credibility:  Underlying values and indicators, specifically chosen for US-Europe and market development roles of the attendees.
  • International communications styles and indicators.  This included verbal and email best practices for native English speakers in Europe.
  • Other business practices (e.g. meetings, planning, decision making, availability, work styles, and conflict resolution.)
  • Etiquette and other insight for key countries or country clusters.
  • Culture shock – discussion and preparations of the physical and emotional changes that result from moving to a new country.
  • More sources and closing exercise.


Who should attend these training courses and workshops:

These sessions are designed for international growth leaders, sales, marketers, and market development teams.


Market development & cross-cultural trainer & facilitator

Kimberly VanLandingham, CEO, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, BSEE, MACCC

Your market development trainer and workshop facilitator:
Kimberly VanLandingham

Kimberly is a true market developer, with a passion for growth and working internationally.  She has over  2o years of experience in corporate market development with the DuPont Company in Europe, the US, and in global roles.  Developing multiple new industrial and specialty consumer businesses, she became Global Teflon(r) Consumer Products Business Leader, Global Business Manager, EMEA Regional Manager, and DuPont Corporate Growth Manager for Central Europe.

In 2011, she left DuPont and started helping others as an international business consultant and trainer.  She specializes in market entry and growth strategy, market development skills, cross-cultural communications, and international presentation skills.

Today, she provides training and speaks at multinational companies, universities, and association events (like the World Trade Center and European American Chamber of Commerce).  Kimberly has a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MA in Cross-Cultural Communications, plus, executive training in marketing, growth, and leadership.


What makes these sessions different:

  • Facilitated by an international business consultant, focused on international culture and business growth. Read more…
  • Results-oriented and designed for the client’s specific needs.
  • High-energy, action-oriented.
  • Courses provided by a native English-speaker with neutral accent.



We offer reasonable prices for customer market development training workshop.  Training is available in English and throughout Switzerland, including Geneva, Lausanne, Vevey, Montreux, Sion, Fribourg, Thun, Bern, Biel, Zurich, Zug, Lucerne, Basel and surrounding areas.  Contact us.


European market development training courses and strategic workshops to help technical-industrial or other B2B companies to enter or expand their business in Europe.


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Europe market development training and processes

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