European market development training & processes

  • European market development

European market development training & processes

  • Group Size: Up to 15 people
  • Length: You decide
  • Level: Content varies
  • Price: See options

Is your business new to Europe?  Or, are you expanding into a new part of Europe?  We offer a large range of topics designed for sales, marketers, and leaders, who wish to grow their business in Europe.

Our goal is to prepare your team quickly and efficiently.  Pulling from a breadth of materials, we work with you to assemble topics which fit your needs.  These may include strategic processes, market research data and training, and regional/country specific sales training.


Workshop example 1 – Export Strategy Needed

Below is a workshop example prepared for a US company, who would like to enter the European market.  They need a strategy to help them decide where to start and how to market their products.  Below is an example of a working session used to develop your export strategy.

  • Current state in the US – EML provides a template for the client to explain his domestic business in terms that are most relevant for export planning
  • Current state in Europe – EML provides an overview of Europe based on the clEuropean Market Link bridge,training companies to enter and grow their business in Europeient’s situation.  This may include market data, country importance, trade pacts, regulations, etc.
  • Future state – Using another EML template for efficiency, the client explains his goals and constraints for growth in Europe.
  • Export planning process – EML and the client work through processes and planning tools to develop an initial strategy.

Note that European Market Link may also help the client to test or implement this strategy.


Workshop example 2 – New Sales Team in Europe

A US company requested training for a team of experienced American market developer, who just moved to Europe.  They already have a sales/marketing strategy, but they need to know how to adapt their approach to Europe.  Here is a workshop example:

  • Introduction using case studies of successes and failures.
  • Structure overview:  US versus Europe Business – Practical data and resources, which compare European countries to the US, from a business and trade prospective.  This includes useful trade information, country groupings, and rules of thumb.
  • Trust and credibility – underlying values and indicators, specifically chosen for US-Europe and market development situations.
  • International communications styles and indicators.  Verbal and email best practices for native English speakers in Europe
  • Implications of these differences, considering business practices (e.g. meetings, planning, decision making, availability, work styles, and conflict resolution.)
  • Etiquette and other insight for key countries or country clusters.
  • Culture shock – discussion and preparations of the physical and emotional changes that result from moving to a new country.
  • More sources and closing exercise.


Who should attend these training workshops and working sessions:

These sessions are designed for international growth leaders, sales, marketers, or teams.


What makes these sessions different:

  • Facilitated by an international business consultant, focused on international culture and business growth. Read more…
  • Designed for the client’s specific needs, based on experience and research from multiple large studies.
  • High energy, action-oriented.
  • Courses provided by a native English-speaker with neutral accent.


Price for typical market development events:

Typical Events Purpose Price/event*
Key note Awareness or Tips 3000 CHF
1-2 Hour via Skype Overview of Europe 3000 CHF
1/2 Day Training & working session 4500 CHF
1-Day Training & working session 4500 + 50 pp CHF

* Price listed is per day at your facility.  Prices include general European market data, but may not include all the desired client specific market data desired.  Price excludes VAT and travel expenses.  Coaching is also available by phone or web meeting.

Training is available in English and throughout western Switzerland, including Geneva, Lausanne, Vevey, Montreux, Sion, Fribourg, Thun, Bern, Biel, Zurich, Basel and surrounding areas.  Contact us …


European Market Development strategic sessions and training help companies to enter or expand their business in Europe.


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Europe market development training and processes

Europe Market Development


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