NEW Geneva and Chamonix Open Enrollment Business Courses!

  • NEW Geneva and Chamonix Open Enrollment Business Courses!

    European Market Link now offers open enrollment business courses in English in Geneva, Switzerland and Chamonix, France.  Kimberly VanLandingham, Founder and President of European Market Link Inc. explains, “We offer a unique set of integrated training courses, provided in small groups of 6-10 people for new, advancing, market development and European export managers.  All courses were developed to handle real business situations and are taught by business leaders and subject experts.”


    Open enrollment business training courses Geneva

    Geneva, Switzerland

    Chamonix business training courses

    Chamonix, France

    • European Development & Export Managers (3-Day Training Seminar) 

    Covers Europe, it’s cultures and a step by step process to develop your strategy and plans for exporting into or throughout Europe. For those responsible for overall European market entrance or expansion strategy and plans.   Read more…


    • Market Development Implementation (1-Day Training Seminar)

    Includes facts about Europe and its culture, market research tips, plus pointers and contacts for finding and managing distributors.  For those responsible for implementing European market development plans outside their home country.  Read more…


    • Market Development Implementation and Communication (3-Day Training Seminar) 

    Combines the above and the below workshop.  Great for European market development professional who is remotely located such as those doing sales, technical service or marketing.    Read more…

    • Business Presentation, Writing, Meetings & other Communication (2-Day Training Seminar)

    Creates a foundation for professional communication then builds attendees presentation, writing, meeting and office politic skills. Includes several presentation practice sessions with video feedback. For new, technical or advancing professionals, who wishes to advance internal or external projects.   Read  more…


    Customized courses and team get-away courses are available based on our business skills, culture training, and European market development competencies.




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