Technical, business, sales & international presenters

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At Presentation Training Switzerland, the focus is on technical, business, sales and international presenters.  This is our background, experience and expertise. 

Our founder, and your trainer, started her career as an engineer, giving presentations at training courses and large association meetings.  Then, her career moved into sales and market development, which led to routine TV appearances.  When she moved into business and international management, communication became even more important to motivate people and execute ideas.  

So, it's not surprising that our content, theory, and training structure are designed to help technical, business, sales and international professionals.  

For example, topics like communication rules and fear are explained scientifically. Course attendees use the physiology behind fear to address the triggers and the physical reactions. Technical and business professionals enjoy this logical approach.

Our structure also addresses common presentation hurdles for these types of presenters, like covering too much information, and complicating that information with jargon. The BLACK BOX and GIFT METHODS take presenters through a step-by-step process that helps them to cluster ideas into easy-to-remember phrases and a clear structure.

As most business presentations are trying to sell a product or an idea, our approach keeps the presenter focused on the audience's purpose and the presenter's goals.  

We include tips for international presenters throughout the training sessions. We even offer additional training modules covering cross culture communications (as this is a key product from our parent company, European Market Link Sàrl). 

Throughout the training, we use highly relevant examples and exercises.