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Presentation training seminars, courses, workshops & coahcing

Presentation Training Switzerland is our presentation training and coaching arm. Through this business, we also provide keynote speaking on international market development topics.  This link takes you to the site with more information and the training products.


If you just want some English language statistics or some contacts for further information, below are some great websites:

Association of Independent Information Professionals
This is an association of information professionals.

Currency related information
Bannockburn Securities LLC is a boutique currency trading firm.  They provide client-oriented counsel and pre-trade analytics with low-cost execution.

Currency converter
Oanda currency converter may be used to quickly convert costs or prices back to US dollars.

European American Chamber of Commerce
European Market Link provides professional key note speeches and works with the European American Chamber of Commerce.

European Union Countries
This links to specific country information provided by the EU’s official website.

European Union Economy
This link leads to statements regarding the European Union (EU) economy from the official website of the EU.

European Country Fact Sheets – US relationship with the below countries outlined by the U.S. Department of State.

Europe Maps
This links to a travel site that has several interesting maps of Europe.

Country Specific Travel Information
This is US government up to date travel information for all countries.  It is an extremely practical list from visa requirements to road and health care.

International Monetary Fund Web Site
This is the website for the International Monetary Fund and contains great data on the economy in various countries.

Marshall University
This innovative training course from Marshall University provides Executive MBA students with a basis of export management capabilities.  Our President, Kimberly VanLandingham, is a speaker at this course.

Metric & English Converter
Great website for converting weight, volume, length and even temperature from metric to English or metric units or the reverse.  Contains conversion rate tables and does calculations for you.

Time Zone Converter
This website provides time and date conversions so you can easily plan phone meetings.

United States Commerce Department
Links to the U.S. Commerce Department website.

VAT (Value Added Tax) Information
This links to the United Kingdom Revenue & Customs website page that explain what VAT tax is and how it is handled in the UK.  All countries in the EU have a VAT but the rate varies.  Different countries also have variations in its processes and handling but this website provides a good indication for those unfamiliar with the term.  Note that VAT is called TVA in France.  Note that Switzerland (an EFTA European Free Trade Association country), has significantly lower VAT.

West Virginia University
This innovative training course from West Virginia University provides Executive MBA students with a basis of export management capabilities.  Our President, Kimberly VanLandingham, is a speaker at this course.

This is a link to excellent information on the European Union on the Wikipedia site.

World Bank
This is the website of the World Bank and contains great data on the economy of different nations.

Below are other great resources.

Tom Goldstein – Life Coach
I work with passionate people who have great potential and feel that they are being held back or have lost their spark.

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