VIRTUAL presentation & public speaking skills – ONLINE TRAINING with a LIVE INSTRUCTOR in English

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VIRTUAL presentation & public speaking skills – ONLINE TRAINING with a LIVE INSTRUCTOR in English

  • Group Size: 1-8 people
  • Length: 4 sessions (2.5 hours each) +1 hr private
  • Custom Course Price: Contact us

Do you want to improve your team’s presentation skills without traveling? If so, this workshop is the ideal choice. Your team willl learn to create powerful messages, a better slide deck, and confident delivery.  Although it’s a virtual course, our live instructor makes it feel like a face-to-face event. For 4-8 people, the course includes four 2.5 hour sessions, plus a 1-hour private coaching session with our experienced trainer.

This course is facilitated in English.


What makes this VIRTUAL Presentation & Public Speaking Skills course different?

This is a creatively structured virtual presentation and public speaking skills training course with the benefits of a live course:

  • Live instructor – Workshops are facilitated by a highly experienced live instructor – Kimberly VanLandingham (see details below)
  • International business focus – This course is particularly designed for international business, technical or sales people and includes international presenting tips.
  • Video conferencing – Courses use Zoom video conferencing (or Microsoft TEAMS for corporate courses).  You’ll learn how to set-up and present online and in front of audiences.
  • Small group – We propose 4-8 people so attendees stay engaged and have time to practice throughout the course.
  • Action-oriented – Attendees learn by doing. We use video examples, partnering exercises, and a presentation practice sessions to apply your new skills.
  • Save time and money – Save money but eliminating the need for travel.  Attendees use an existing presentation project in course workshops, so they’ll learn while advancing your work.

This training course includes a course booklet with theory summaries and your project worksheets.


Your training facilitator, Kimberly VanLandingham (CEO, trainer & keynote speaker):

Market development & cross-cultural trainer & facilitator

Kimberly VanLandingham, CEO, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, BSEE, MACCC

Kimberly brings together her experience and academic credentials to help international business and technical presenters.

  • Product spokesman on TV/radio
  • Keynote speaker at the World Trade Center, European-American Chamber of Commerce, universities and multinationals
  • 12 years as a presentation, public speaking and international communication trainer
  • Trained tens of TEDx speakers
  • Over 20 years of international business experience with DuPont (technical, marketing, global and regional business management)
  • Masters in cross-cultural communications (MACCC) and BS in engineering (BSEE)
  • Native English speaker (so can help with English skills too)
  • Rated as “outstanding” by 97% of workshop attendees –> More client feedback and testimonials


VIRTUAL Presentations & Public Speaking Skills – training topics:

Topics are integrated and build upon each other.  Most items include examples, workshops or practice sessions.  Topics include the following:

Foundation Topics

  • Tools and set-up for virtual presentations (and this training event)
  • Fear and confidence: 3 tools to overcome stage fright.
  • The charismatic presenter and how to connect to your audience.

EML’s 5-Step Presentation Development Process (ordered to enable more practice)

  • Step 5a – The presenter: Using your body
  • Step 5b – The presenter:  Using your voice
  • Step 1 – Preparation using the black box method to get results
  • Step 2 – Content and key messages that interest your audience
  • Step 3a – Structuring your presentation so that the audience can follow
  • Step 3b – Storytelling, and other power tools
  • Step 3c – Hooks – Opening and closing techniques
  • Step 4a – Powerful slides and other techniques that keep your audience’s attention.
  • Step 5c – More virtual presenting tips and tools.

Includes presentation practice with video feedback and personal tips from your live trainer.

Price, dates, and times:  Customised for your group and your needs. 

The training course includes 4 modules of 2.5 hours each with the small group and a 1-hour private coaching session. 


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Virtual Presentation & Public Speaking Skills

Virtual Presentation & Public Speaking Skills


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