Keynote speaker – Inspiring growth & cultural awareness

  • Cross-cultural & intercultural training,
  • Sales & market development training

Keynote speaker – Inspiring growth & cultural awareness

  • Length: 20-60 minutes
  • Price: 3000 CHF*

Want some new ideas to boost your international growth, but you don’t have time for training?  We can help.  Our keynote speaker covers international growth and culture topics in a fun and eye-opening fashion.  Below are some sample presentations:

“Europe and 5 best practices to grow beyond your borders”Tailored to your needs, this talk is appreciated by new and experienced market developers, for its ability to bring focus to your market develop efforts.  Variations of this talk were presented at the World Trade Center and the European American Chamber of Commerce, as well as at large corporations and universities.

“Culture’s impact on business: The good, the bad, and the simply annoying” – Diverse teams can escalate growth, take projects to new levels, or fail to perform.  While personality is often blamed for differences, culture is often the culprit.  This keynote jolts the audience into believing that culture matters.

“10 culture tips that help you with almost any new culture” With a great mix of audio, visuals, and real life stories, this key note raises real points of conflict and addresses real solutions.

Let us know your situation and we can suggest other ideas.  What a great way to warm up your team meeting!  Read more about our keynote speaker.




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Inspiring growth & cultural awareness

Inspiring growth & cultural awareness


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