From Crisis to Recovery – Leaders, Teams & Organizations in the virtual, physical & multicultural world

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From Crisis to Recovery – Leaders, Teams & Organizations in the virtual, physical & multicultural world

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Transformation from Crisis to Recovery:
The “New
^Better than Normal”

Is there a new normal?  Or, can we move to a better place?  We believe there is.  And, this is where we offer our support.  We can accompany you in transforming your people and your business to a NEW Better than Normal.

Take advantage of our cross-functional collaboration, experience and research.  We offer innovative models to overcome the challenges and benefit from the opportunities surfaced during the crisis.

You will uncover what your organization and your people need most.  You can meet those needs with tailored tools and processes to enhance productivity and well-being.  Contact us to discuss your situation and our consulting, facilitating, and training programs.

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The “New ^Better than Normal” Model

What came out of our research and company discussions?  Several reoccurring and interconnected needs and opportunities kept bubbling to the surface:

  • Underlying foundational and strategic needs that touch the entire organization.
  • Individual opportunities for better productivity and organizational health.

The below model represents interconnected modules, that we tailor to meet your prioritized needs.

New better than Normal Training and Coaching

Interconnected foundational opportunities and needs

  • Resilience – How can we help our people and organizations become agile and flexible in this fast-changing VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity)?
  • Technology – How can we use technology to succeed in the virtual and physical world?
  • Corporate culture – How can we elevate our corporate culture to support our resilience.
  • Organizational health – How can we evolve our organizational framework for a sustainable purpose, set of values, and processes?

Communication and collaboration in a virtual world

  • Personal Well-being – Recognizing our humanity and the tools available to enhance our resilience, while retaining strong mindsets and talent.
  • Orientation – Clarifying strategic direction while empowering individuals through an agile approach.
  • Leaders – Increasing productivity through a coaching style for enhanced motivation, engagement, feedback, and conflict resolution.
  • Distances – Understanding and crossing cultural-linguistic distances by building trust and relationship, while using virtual and digital tools.
  • Teams – Communicating, presenting, collaborating, and celebrating in a blended virtual and physical world.


“New ^Better than Normal” Approach

As an outside observers, with extensive corporate and theoretical experiences; we assist you in your journey.  We are by your side as a consultant, coach, or trainer.

We help you identify your priorities through facilitated workshops, live and virtual training, and individual coaching.  We use practical course models, and make the most of physical, virtual, and blended learning tools.

We can walk you through the whole model or a key part of it.  From anxiety management to virtual communication, our engaging approach and inspiring facilitators help your multicultural and virtual teams thrive.


Who are we? Consultants, trainers, coaches and your partner

Let us look at your situation from various points of view.  We offer a special collaboration between two highly-experienced, but very different individuals and their companies.

Certified Coach & Facilitator


Gundhild Hoenig, CEO, Transformation Manager, Consultant & Coach at Cultural Prisma, Linkedin Profile

Gundhild helps leaders grow and organizations transform.  She has a background in corporate HR,  organizational development, and therapy.  She is also a certified Coach, with extensive experience working with international teams and leaders.  Gundhild has a Masters in Economics and a minor in Psychology.  Passionate about organisations and their people, she specializes in global organisational change, managerial and social innovation, and collaborative work.  Here experiences include multi-regional organizational transformations with 400,000 people and $500 MM business units.  For over 20 years, she has helped multinational clients develop measurable and sustainable programs in pharmaceutical/life sciences, banking, hospitality, governmental, non-profits, and many other industries.


Intercultural & communication trainerKimberly VanLandingham – CEO, Strategist, Trainer & Speaker at European Market Link Sàrl, Linkedin Profile

Kimberly helps international teams and leaders to communicate, globally and virtually.  Kimberly brings a background in technology, business strategy, marketing and communication.  She has over 20 years of international corporate experience with DuPont de Nemours (P/L up to $150 million) in roles such as a Global Business Manager, EMEA Regional Manager, Corporate Growth Manager, and Global Product Manager.  Since leaving DuPont in 2011, Kimberly has focused on helping business leaders, teams and techies develop their messages, and grow their communication skills and relationships.  She has a Masters in Cross Cultural Communications, Summa Cum Laude, and a BS in Electrical Engineering.  She’s highly experienced working with analytical leaders and teams in pharmaceutical, tech/IT, specialty materials, plastics, chemicals, coatings, and other specialty industries.

Together, we offer a broad set of solutions.  We love ambiguous situations and connecting the dots from alternative points of view, removing roadblocks, and mobilizing teams with the latest tools.


We welcome the opportunity to talk with you further about your journey.

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Virtual & Live Training

Virtual & Live Training


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