European country & culture comparison for business – CUSTOM WORKSHOP

  • European market development

European country & culture comparison for business – CUSTOM WORKSHOP

  • Length: Typically 2-4 hours
  • Price: Typically 3000 CHF*

Which country in Europe should I start exporting to?  Where is the ideal place for a European distribution hub?  Which countries offer attractive conditions for my European headquarters?  What is the difference between the European Union (EU) and the Euro zone?  How do European countries compare to the USA?  What are typical labor rates and how to taxes compare?

Each country has business pros/cons.  Your decisions depend on your business situation.  We help by providing a practical European country comparison study.  This study may be general or specifically designed around your key business drivers.  Below is a list of sample content.


European Country & Culture Comparison for Business sample topics:

  • General statistics — Population, GDP, GDP per capita, etc.
  • Which countries are part of the European Union, the Eurozone, NATO, Schengen, European Free Trade Association (ETFA) and how does that affect your decision making processes.
  • Which countries use civil versus common law, and the general business implications
  • Typical country clusters and definitions.  (e.g. western Europe, central Europe, eastern Europe, “The Baltics”, “The Balkans”, Benelux, CIS).
  • Language groupings and English capabilities.
  • What is the European Union and what does it mean for international business?
  • General differences in wages, labor costs, unions, dismissal concerns, social costs and other labor practices?
  • General overview/comparison of taxes by country.
  • Development level and corruption.
  • Country financial position.
  • and more.


Further tailoring:

  • Specific country comparisons on key business items of interest such as taxes, labor, salaries, property, etc.
  • General or specific market information by country
  • How to develop country clusters for sales or distribution regions


European Country & Cultural Comparison for Business report form:

Your European Country and Cultural Comparison for Business report is developed into an easy-to-read presentation deck, packed with data tables, graphs, maps and links to additional information.  The report is verbally presented to you or your team during a web or face-to-face meeting by Kimberly VanLandingham.  With extensive international business management experience, she explains the relavence of the data and answers to your questions.  The report normally takes 2-3 hours, including the questions and answer session.


Who may be interested in the report:

These sessions are designed for those trying to make decisions about the European market.


What makes this report different:

  • Provided by an international business consultant with extensive corporate experience throughout Europe and the world. (Read more)
  • Presented, rather than just provided as a document, so important items are highlighted and Q/A is offered.
  • Provided by a native English-speaker with neutral accent.


* The price varies, depending on your specific content needs and business complexity.  Typically, it’s around 3000 CHF for a 2-4 hour session via net meeting.  On-site presentations are also available.


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Europe Country Comparison Report

Europe Country Comparison Report


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