Cross-cultural sales & virtual relationship-building – International sales training – VIRTUAL CUSTOM TRAINING

  • Cross-cultural & intercultural training,
  • Sales & market development training

Cross-cultural sales & virtual relationship-building – International sales training – VIRTUAL CUSTOM TRAINING

  • Group Size: Up to 8 people (for virtual course)
  • Length: Typically 4 sessions of 3 hrs. each
  • Custom Workshop Price: Contact us

How do you sell across cultures and build relationships virtually?

Learn practical tools to understand your international customer’s expectations, adjust your communication and negotiation styles, and build stronger business relationships.

This is a custom training course, tailored to your selling situation, your target countries. and your team’s skill needs.  Our training models are designed for B2B and technical sales teams.  This training is offered in English, virtually or face-to-face.  If you want to improve your international sales skills, build trust virtually, and close sales more quickly; you’ve come to the right place.


Who should attend this Cross-Cultural Sales & Virtual Relationship-Building – B2B International Sales Training workshop:

Sales professionals, technical salespeople, international sales managers, key account manager and marketing managers involved in international and B2B sales or technical marketing.  The training may also be adapted for international customer service.  The training is tailored for the group’s existing international experience, geographic differences, and the business needs.


Cross-Cultural Sales & Virtual Relationship-Building – B2B International Sales Training topics:

Below is a list of some of the topics that we can cover:

  • Virtual challenges, relationship-building and best practices
  • B2B international sales – Learn to sell and build relationships with B2B customers aboard.   This process helps you open doors, build trust, and get the order.
  • Cross-cultural priorities – How are international values and priorities different in your target countries or regions?  In this section, you’ll learn to recognize important differences and how to adjust your strategy and internal processes to meet your client’s needs.
  • Cross-cultural communication and other business practices – Business practices are different whether you’re writing an email, giving a sales pitch, or participating in a meeting.  This sections explores those differences and helps you build relationships by adapting to your customer’s style.
  • Geographic specifics – Countries and regions have specific differences.  This topic explores those differences and provides tools to overcome them.
  • Negotiate, persuasion and resolve conflicts – Using the models above, we address challenging sales issues and gain added tools to achieve your business goals.

Theories are applied to current business situations.  Each topic includes examples, videos or workshops.  Contact us to discuss your specific needs.


What makes this Cross-Cultural Sales Training different:

  • It’s specifically for international, B2B, and technical sales.
  • Everything is applied to your business situation.  The approach is high-energy, action-oriented.
  • The trainer has over 20 years of corporate business and international growth experience, plus a masters in cross-cultural communications and BS in engineering.  She provides practical models and thoughtful advise for common international business situation.  >More on your trainer.
  • It’s available on-site or virtually.
  • The methodology is based on cross-cultural and business research, neurology, and experience.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and request a proposal.


Cross-cultural training and intercultural training on persuasion, negotiations and sales are available in English and throughout western Switzerland, including Geneva, Lausanne, Vevey, Montreux, Sion, Fribourg, Thun, Bern, Biel, Zurich, Zug, Lucerne, Basel and surrounding areas.

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