EACC March member spotlight: Kimberly Van Landingham

  • EACC March member spotlight: Kimberly Van Landingham


    As the founder and president of European Market Link, Inc., Kimberly Van Landingham knows the importance of bringing together people who are interested in expanding their businesses with the right knowledge, tools, and individuals. European Market Link, Inc. is a U.S. corporation, with its president based in Switzerland and most of its team throughout Europe. A consulting firm that not only articulates country situations and strategies tailored for U.S. companies’ specific needs, European Market Link also provides the “boots on the ground” for implementation. “We offer a bridge to Europe, while thinking and acting American and European in all that we do,” Kimberly says. One of the EACC’s newest members, Kimberly and European Market Link share the goals of strengthening business ties between our region and Europe, creating sustainable solutions that reflect a long-term vision.
    On April 26, 2012, Kimberly will introduce some of European Market Link’s key strategies for turning knowledge into competitive advantage as part of the EACC’s Operating in Europe series. She will discuss her firm’s best practice tactics in customer targeting and regional development. Likening the method of customer targeting to military planning, European Market Link has key insights into strategically placing an organization’s “troops” in the right places to achieve its goals.Kimberly spent fifteen years in the U.S. and ten years in Europe working across various functions and products for DuPont de Nemours.

    After years in business management, she took on a formative role in “corporate” market development, where she had the charter to grow 26 business units across 18 European countries. Kimberly designed the role of “country expert” then hired, trained and managed a team of country experts. Kimberly then founded European Market Link, Inc. and now employs the very same model – with several of the same key members. “There are 47 countries in Europe, so you can’t paint Europe with the same brush,” Kimberly says, which is particularly key to keep in mind in regards to the Euro crisis. “The economy in Norway and Switzerland are simply not comparable to those in Greece and Spain, with many countries in between. The goal is to understand the situation, the changes that have occurred, and then turn that knowledge into competitive advantage,” she says.

    In addition to providing clientele with strategies and solutions, networking is crucial to European Market Link, Inc.’s services. Kimberly, a networker extraordinaire, takes the lead in identifying companies who could benefit from European Market Link’s services. The EACC provides Kimberly with an opportunity to connect with potential new business, but more importantly, “The EACC helps us point current clients toward experts that fall outside her own firm’s scope, including attorneys, accountants or freight forwarders,” she points out, adding, “In fact, I can envision working with, or recommending, almost every person I’ve met at the EACC.”

    European Market Link. Inc. Background

    – Founded by Kimberly Van Landingham in 2011.

    – A team of 16 Country Experts, cover all 27 EU countries and most other European countries.

    – Real-time collaboration technology enables Country Experts to provide clients with local information and language support.

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