Sales Training for International Growth (Workshop)


This course is designed to help B2B sales professionals, managers and teams to grow new sales from new customers or distributors.  It focuses on developing skills, sales targets and tools for a new product line or new region.  The process includes targeting for fast entry into new markets, finding and meeting new customers/distributors, leading meetings and advancing sales.  We provide examples, tips and exercises so that directly apply the theory to your situation during the workshop.  This course may be expanded to include communications training, negotiations, and other sales skills.


Who should attend:

This course is designed for new or advancing sales and market development professionals, managers or teams.  It may be adapted to your specific situation and personnel.  The materials are relevant for technical, industrial B2B or speciality consumer businesses.  It is particularly applicable to someone assigned to a new territory, product or responsible for approaching new customers in an existing market.


Training workshop approach & topics:

Time, focus and the human mind — This section sets the stage for an effective sales/marketing person.

Market strategy — This section is designed to help sales professionals focus and target their customer search and selling process.

  • Scope, goals and current market information — this provides a starting point for the workshop.
  • Product/customer categories — pots of gold, low hanging fruit, lost leaders, etc.
  • Competitive analysis and your unique selling proposition
  • Channel mapping and route to market options (direct sales, key accounts, distributors, reps, ebusiness, etc.)
  • Customer/distributor targeting — defining your ideal customer or distributor


Finding target customers/distributors — We cover tools and methods to gathering information about markets, competitors, channels or list of new customers or distributors.  We offer tools and workshops, which use the tool, to ensure learning and advance the market development project.

  • Internet search
  • Social media approaches
  • Conventional market research tools and short-cuts
  • Groups & media
  • Starting to sell, while collecting data
  • Buying contact lists
  • & more


Preparing for the sale –

  • Hook and key messages
  • Tips & trick to adapting your sales tools for the new market or language (This section can be expanded to include the development of a sales presentation)


New customers introductions (cold calls)  – This section may include detailed examples and workshops to help people design and practice each type of sales cold call

  • Face to face
  • Email / post
  • Phone


Your first sales meeting — How to plan and execute a successful sales meeting

  • Preparation
  • Sales process
    • Introduction
    • Focus on the customer’s problem and your solution
    • Call to action (sample, trial, etc)
  • Follow-up


Tracking, follow-up & evolution of your sales strategy


What makes this course different:

  • This course goes beyond theory.  We use workshops to apply the theory to your specific sales situation as we go through the training.
  • The course was developed by real business people for real business situations.


Available as private training or a custom group workshop.



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