Europe Country Comparison Data & Information

European country data & information

  • Which country in Europe is the best place to start exporting?
  • Where is the ideal country for a European distribution hub?
  • Which country offers the best conditions for a European headquarters?
  • What is the difference between the European Union (EU) and the Eurozone?
  • How do European countries compare to the USA?
  • Which European countries have flexible labor practices?


The answers is all of these question are “It depends”.  Each country has business pros/cons.  Your decisions depend on your business situation.  We help by providing a practical Europe country comparison study.  This study may be general or specifically designed around your key business drivers.


Europe Country Comparison Study


  • General statistics — Population, GDP, GDP per capita, etc.
  • Which countries are part of the European Union, the Eurozone, NATO, Schengen, European Free Trade Association (ETFA) and how does that affect your decision making processes
  • Which countries use civil versus common law, and the general business implications
  • Which countries are part of western Europe, central Europe, eastern Europe, “The Baltics”, “The Balkans”, Benelux, CIS
  • Which countries speak which languages and what percent of the population speaks English
  • What is the European Union and what does it mean for international business
  • General differences in wages, labor costs, unions, dismissal concerns, social costs and other labor practices
  • General overview of taxes by country
  • Development level and corruption
  • Country financial position


Further customization may include items such as –

  • Specific country comparisons on key business items of interest such as taxes, labor, salaries, property, etc.
  • General or specific market information by country
  • How to develop country clusters for sales or distribution regions


Europe Country Comparison Report form –

Your European country comparison report is developed into an easy-to-read presentation deck, packed with data tables, graphs, maps and links to additional information.  The report is verbally presented to you or your team during a web or face-to-face meeting by an international business consultant with extensive international business management experience.  This approach enables complimentary explanations, examples and answers to your questions.  The report normally takes 1-2 hours to review.


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