Custom Cross Culture Business Training

Culture affects our communications, our work processes, and the way we see and respond to everything. We may notice differences on the surface, but its those culture aspects below the surface that can create problems and opportunities. European Market Link teaching method goes below the surface to create real culture insight, focusing on business needs.

Through our Culture Insight Framework, attendees are shown key values which diversify business cultural thinking and action. They diagnose their own culture and their country’s culture using action oriented workshops. Then, we practice recognizing indicators and behaviors so that they can better understand their international colleagues or customers. Our approach covers cultural intelligence skills to improve team work, without stereotyping.  Below is our 5 step process:

  1. Explain how the human brain develops and responds to cultures.  European culture training for business to help U.S. businesses grow in E.U. and Europe
  2. Introduce the Culture Insight Framework (designed by business for business) 
  3. Discover your own cultural style and that of your country’s, using this new tool.
  4. Relate the Culture Insight Framework to business:  meetings, communication, management, and more.
  5. Evaluate other cultures using the Culture Insight Framework.

Attendees emerge with tons of practical tips PLUS a new thinking tool for a better understanding of how to work with international teams and customers.


Cross Culture Custom Training Examples

European Market Link focuses on the business aspects of culture as it relates to regional expansion and international teams. Below are sample courses:

  • Cross Culture Awareness Key Note Seminar (1 hour) — Samples of cultural differences and their affect on business with a summary of tips. This is a great pre-dinner or meeting kick-off talk for an international team.
  • Cross Culture Team Building Workshop (1 or 2 hour ) — Cross culture team building workshops enable teams to explore their own cultural style while hearing from others using our Culture Insight Framework. This is an amazing tool that reduces stereotypes, builds sensitivity for differences and strengthen communications of international teams in a very short time. And, teams love it!
  • Cross Culture Team Building & Training — (1/2 day or 1 intense course) Cross culture course follows the five steps listed above.  The shorter program covers only a few dimensions.
  • Cross Culture Training Course — (1 or 1-1/2 day course) Cross culture course follows the five steps listed above covers more dimensions and relates them further to cross-culture teams and business practices.

The content for all seminars, workshops and training courses are tailored to the audience and cover specific European, US or global issues. Depending on the time allocated and the desired focus, European Market Link country representatives may present their country business culture during the training program.


Cross Culture Training Target Audience

The materials are designed for English-speakers working or wishing to work internationally. This framework is applicable for managers and professionals.


International Cross Culture Training for Business (Seminars & Workshops):


Typical Events Purpose Price/event*
1-2 hour seminars Create awareness &/or team buidling 3000 CHF
Half-Day Training & team building 3000 CHF
1 Day Training & team building 4500 CHF
Multi-days Training of expat leaders Custom Prices


*Prices include instruction using currently available materials assembled to meet the client needs.  Travel expenses are additional. Group training through associations may also be arranged.  Contact European Market Link to discuss your specific needs.


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Cross culture training courses, seminars and workshops are designed for business, provided in English and available in Switzerland, France and Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.