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Our presentation skills training is specifically designed for international business growth. We help sales, technical and business professionals, and managers to refine, target and communicate their ideas.

Great communicators aren’t born, they’re made. Communication skills are developed by understanding communication theory, then by applying and practicing that theory. Our training offers exactly that. 

Our courses create real learning by combining short interactive theory sessions with application and practice sessions tailored to your team, your business situations, and even to your specific project. Our courses offer tools and insights into human nature and international culture. The approach is particularly relevant for technical and business professionals and those in an international environment.

Our instructor has extensive international business experience and is a native English speaker.

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Pubic Speaking & Presentations (2-day course with video feedback)

This course focuses on presentations and public speaking in a business, technical or international environment. We alternate short theory reviews, with examples, presentation practice and other workshops. The course is normally run with 4-6 participants enabling several practice sessions and personal coaching. This course is recommended for anyone wishing to improve their business presentations or those struggling with fear or confidence.  Read more about this course on Presentation Training Switzerland website.


Presentations & other Business Communications (2-3-day course with video feedback)

Business presentations, writing & meetings should convey clear, desired messages to the right audience. This course shows you how to do that. The process is introduced and applied to presentations, then repeated for writing and meetings. The integrated format efficiently re-enforces the process and shows the power of consistent communications in selling products and ideas. This workshop is typically limited to 6 participants for personal coaching and presentation practice. The presentation practice sessions include video feedback for self analysis and confidence building. The course is recommended for technical, business, sales or other advancing professionals wishing to enhance their perception in an international environment. Read more about this training course on Presentation Training Switzerland website.



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